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Girls do it too. Girls in shower tumblr. I just mean to say that there's a big difference between a knowing lack of concern, that you're negatively impacting others and not caring about that, and being oblivious. Tumblr legs wide open. Yeah there's no indication that that's what's happening, and it's a crucial detail.

Realtalk some guys overdo it. Men especially businessmen for some reason often push their chairs back from the table, splay or stretch their legs out, and hang their arms over the back or sides of the chair so their elbows took up what little space was left of the walkway. Naked pic galleries. I feel like not having common courtesy or basic concern for others around you is one of the main characteristics of an asshole.

It's fine if it's an empty train with a lot of space though. We've probably all ended up sitting next to that guy on the train. This post is from a feminist tumblr blog that specifically targets men. Anyway, I am familiar with this annoyance and here's my method of dealing with it.

They're counting on the fact that most people would rather avoid any confrontation. Maybe not sexist or bigoted, but you're probably being an asshole if you're taking up more than your allotted space in your seat. Her first line says she's fighting against jerks in the subway, not "fighting for equality in the name of feminism". Tumblr legs wide open. Dirty male feet tumblr. If someone is bothered by it and it's totally apparent, and he doesn't change what he's doing, he's an asshole.

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What is the harm in taking up empty space? They are oblivious,'' said Asya Kamsky, a San Francisco software executive who flies about , miles a year. Sexy black lesbian pictures. I think the author basically doesn't think it was necessary because justice doesn't demand an actual problem, just a perceived problem.

Whether or not this particular incident happened, it's fucking annoying when anyone on public transit sits so spread out whether it's through posture or by using their bags, jackets, etc. Men, however, seem to assume the entire arm rest is theirs and then some , and extend their knees into my leg space. Say "please, may I have some of this armrest" instead of being incredibly passive aggressive and awkward Inspiration From Brilliant Women. Tumblr legs wide open. A November Wall Street Journal article investigated gender differences in air travel preferences, and reported that women often find male passengers taking over their personal space: A November Wall Street Journal article investigated gender differences in air travel preferences, and reported that women often find male passengers taking over their personal space:.

Should she repeat that again so that people don't think that this guy was just sitting reasonably? Unless the guy is a huge dick more than likely it was an open train and he was just getting comfortable while she was trying to prove an unnecessary point. While I agree that people of all genders are assholes about this on public transit, men actually do, as a whole, take up more space than women do, partially for anatomy reasons but mostly from socialization.

And she is in fact a tumblr feminist so nothing OP said is incorrect. She moved over next to him which is strange and then started pressing against his leg.

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Can confirm I am the man who could not sit cross-legged because of my genitalia thatHappened leg guy space men seat tumblr fucking train women. I understand guys can't cross their legs, but is it absolutely necessary to sit spread eags?? My husband jokes around that the only thing the men in his family have to do to knock a girl up is to look at her. Kamsky said she defends her space against encroaching elbows and legs. Half the time they are unaware and will move to accommodate.

I dunno if you realize this but when guys take 2 seats just to accommodate their junk its pretty annoying, especially when people are standing. Aren't these supposed to be obviously fabricated stories, not slightly embellished stories?

If she isn't nuts, then the guy was taking up lots of space on a crowded train. Tumblr legs wide open. The more I hear about that site, the more I want to avoid it at all costs. I will try and make sure I pull my limbs in when someone is walking by, but it's unreasonable for me to try and keep myself folded in the tiny chair with no leg room while the majority of the time there's un-used room in the isle. Tail plugs tumblr. If it had been a man passive aggressively "fighting back" against a woman with spread legs, would the title label him an MRA?

It isn't about the gender of the person.

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